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Keith Harwood
Areas of expertise:
Options Analysis
Technical Analysis
Volatility Analysis
 With over 15 years experience as a market-maker, proprietary trader, and hedge fund trader, Keith Harwood helps you trade smarter. 
 “I help clients by showing them the inside tips and tricks that I learned over the years working as a professional options strategist and trader on the trading floors and for hedge funds.” 
Keith began his career in the options pits of the CBOE. As market technology changed, he successfully transitioned to off-floor trading by constructing directional portfolios using options and futures as a market-maker, proprietary trader, and hedge fund trader.

After completing his MBA with Honors at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Keith founded Trade Academy in 2017 and joined Option Hotline in 2018 to share his expertise in Equity, Fixed Income, and Commodity trading.

As Keith’s research uncovers a profit opportunity, he creates a strategy and publishes a trade in our platform. Once he locks in the trade you are instantly notified so that you can also take advantage of the market opportunity he has uncovered. And when it is time to take profits or make an adjustment to a position, you will receive a real time alert as soon as Keith pulls the trigger! 

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Why we do what we do
Creating executable trade ideas for retail investors by providing the research and strategy used by Wall Street Professionals . Helping traders improve their skills with online courses, podcasts, and live webinars.
We are an independent and unbiased source of research and professional options strategies developed solely for our subscribers. Our positions are entered into a portfolio tracking program with pricing updated daily after the market closes. We never trade against or ahead of our subscribers.
Our only purpose is to conduct research and create opportunities for our subscribers to succeed at trading options. We are here to help you become a better trader!
What our members are saying…
$60K in One Trade!
I met Keith when I was in Chicago two years ago and I've been with him ever since. I enjoy the simplicity of his trading style and the gains can be really amazing. They were letting Calls go for 5-cents and I bought a bunch...I earned $60,000 on a single trade!
Ephram Y, CA
A Coach In My Corner!
Your Webinars Are Like Having a Coach In My Corner You are teaching me a lot about trading. Because of your guidance I'm feeling much more confident about entering trades. It sure is a great help to have you as a coach in my corner.
KH, Chicago, IL
1000% Return
Keith is how I changed my trading and started making money. We bought OSTK options for 15 or 20 cents. Then I closed it for about $3.30. So that's more than 1,000% return.
Murthy B, GA
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