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Technology Edition
The Nasdaq-100 is a stock market index made up of 100 equity securities issued by 100 of the largest non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. It is a modified capitalization-weighted index.
Large Cap Edition
S&P 100
The S&P 100 Index is a stock market index of United States stocks maintained by Standard & Poor's. Index options on the S&P 100 are traded with the ticker symbol "OEX". Because of the popularity of these options, investors often refer to the index by its ticker symbol.
Technology AND Large Cap Editions
NASDAQ 100 + S&P 100
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What is Price Action Trading?
Take the emotion out of trading by focusing on the price data. Keith’s Price Action Hotlines use sophisticated mathematical modeling to evaluate the trading price activity on individual stocks in a specific market segment to uncover profitable options trading opportunities.  Let Keith do the homework for you and get executable trade ideas sent to your inbox in real-time as he uncovers the next winning combination of research and strategy.
Monitor the NASDAQ 100 or S&P 100 using a proprietary combination of Keith’s 5 Technical Indicators and algorithms designed to pick winning stocks as they enter an explosive bullish trendline.
Leverage the bullish market by trading long call options with 4 to 6 months until expiration instead of buying the stock directly.
 Trade With Confidence 
Keith Harwood is the math genius you wish you would have sat next to in high school. Today, he is the man with math and economics degrees from the University of Notre Dame, the MBA from the University of Chicago, and nearly two decades of experience conducting technical research and trading options for financial institutions on the largest and busiest options trading floors around. Keith’s incredible math skills and market maker mindset are now available for individual investors to profit from thanks to and their mission to bring Wall Street’s secrets and strategies to main street. 
What our members are saying…
$60K in One Trade!
I met Keith when I was in Chicago two years ago and I've been with him ever since. I enjoy the simplicity of his trading style and the gains can be really amazing. They were letting Calls go for 5-cents and I bought a bunch...I earned $60,000 on a single trade!
Ephram Y, CA
A Coach In My Corner!
Your Webinars Are Like Having a Coach In My Corner You are teaching me a lot about trading. Because of your guidance I'm feeling much more confident about entering trades. It sure is a great help to have you as a coach in my corner.
KH, Chicago, IL
1000% Return
Keith is how I changed my trading and started making money. We bought OSTK options for 15 or 20 cents. Then I closed it for about $3.30. So that's more than 1,000% return.
Murthy B, GA
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