Five Indicators for Finding Exploding Stock Prices! 
Chief Options Strategist Keith Harwood shares his 15+ years of experience as a market-maker, proprietary trader and hedge fund trader. Master the art of options investing by discovering the research tools necessary to identify stocks engaged in a strong bullish trendline. 
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 Every Great Options Trade Starts With Institutional Level Research
In this Masterclass, you will improve your ability to find stocks entering a bullish trend by understanding the overview of each indicator and the reasoning behind their application. Targeting the right stocks is your first step to successful options trading!
5 Indicators for Trend Trading Success 
The Simple Moving Average 
The Bollinger Bands 
The RSI 
The ATR 
Interpreting the Combination of Indicators 
Locating Exploding Stocks 
Keith Harwood’s Trend Magnifying System 
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 What Professionals Say: Guy Adami 
“Keith’s training enables his users to execute their options trading and management with speed and skill, giving them a strategic advantage in the market. The difference between a buy-and-hold stock portfolio versus an options portfolio is active trading and management. I love coming on Option Hotline to discuss current market trends with Keith on his free trading webinars. In my opinion, the educational value he brings to his audiences and subscribers is second to none. ”
What our members are saying…
$60K in One Trade!
I met Keith when I was in Chicago two years ago and I've been with him ever since. I enjoy the simplicity of his trading style and the gains can be really amazing. They were letting Calls go for 5-cents and I bought a bunch...I earned $60,000 on a single trade!
Ephram Y, CA
A Coach In My Corner!
Your Webinars Are Like Having a Coach In My Corner You are teaching me a lot about trading. Because of your guidance I'm feeling much more confident about entering trades. It sure is a great help to have you as a coach in my corner.
KH, Chicago, IL
1000% Return
Keith is how I changed my trading and started making money. We bought OSTK options for 15 or 20 cents. Then I closed it for about $3.30. So that's more than 1,000% return.
Murthy B, GA
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